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The Benefits Advantage

As we do with our approach to our private clients’ wealth management, we take a team oriented, holistic approach, to the design, implementation, and administration of your benefit plans.

  1. Plan Architecture - significant savings can be attained through proper plan design. We find that many employers are purchasing benefits that are underutilized by employees, and therefore go to waste. Depending on the size of your company this could equate to tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost benefit costs each year. We take the time to understand you, your employee demographics, and where available, utilization of your plans, to construct an effective benefit program that is appreciated by your employees.

  2. Rate Negotiation - We negotiate with your carrier to not only provide you with optimal plan design, but to the greatest extent possible, consistent pricing from year to year. Please go to the link below to see the long term results we are able to achieve with our clients. In this case, these are actual results achieved over a period of years without reducing benefits to employees, and without switching insurance carriers.

    Click here to request an actual case study of a firm similar in size to yours.

  3. Employee Communication and Coordination of Enrollment - A full service team will be assembled for a clear communication of benefits to employees and hands on enrollment procedures.

  4. Dedicated HR Support and Claims Adjudication - Our dedicated support team will provide claims and administrative assistance to your HR Staff, employees and family members. HR can outsource the daily functions of managing benefits programs (claims, billings, design inquiries, customized web pages, 800 numbers)

  5. The Renewal Process - Approximately 60 days prior to renewal, we provide you with a complete analysis that includes negotiated design options, alternative carriers, cost sharing ideas, and industry statistics.

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