Mike Buonassisi on Risk-Management Benefits of Factor-Based Investing

Altium's Mike Buonassisi was featured in an article published by InvestmentNews. The topic of the article was the growth of factor-based investing.

Mike addressed the role of factor analysis in asset allocation optimization and risk-management. Stating in the article, "The way we design portfolios for clients is with core strategic asset allocation models; then we optimize factor exposure based on where we are in the business cycle."

Additionally, Mike discussed how risk-management plays an important role during periods of market volatility. Stating in the article, "One of the bigger things is it keeps investor biases out of the portfolio, because by having the correct factors from a risk-management standpoint, it keeps clients in the market," he said. "If we get risk right, the returns will take care of themselves over a long period of time, and we know that staying in the market is the important part."

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