Altium's Perspective on Recent Market Volatility

On behalf of the Altium Investment Committee;

Given the recent volatility in the markets, we thought it was a good time to reach out and share Altium’s perspective on current market conditions. Global equities have been under pressure since mid-February, as investors wrestle with the impact of the Coronavirus on future earnings, growth and their own health! The S&P 500 is down 10% for the year as of Friday afternoon (2/28/20). High quality government, municipal and corporate bonds have all performed well, as there has been a flight to quality driving yields on some bonds to all-time lows.

To put these recent market moves into perspective, we need to recognize that we are in the later stages of a long bull market and valuations had been arguably high. Exogenous shocks like this virus will result in spikes in volatility as we have seen before. We expect this volatility to continue as the markets digest the economic impact of the virus and as we head into elections this fall. We also feel it is important to keep the 10% decline in perspective when you consider the index was up over 31% in 2019.

As we manage your account in this market environment, we want to reiterate our methodology of portfolio construction. We use conservative capital market assumptions to construct diversified portfolios that will perform well over a complete market cycle. Market drawdowns like this, and spikes in volatility, are expected and factored into our portfolio construction process. While the market had a great year in 2019, we saw two separate declines of over 6% during the year. This type of volatility is the norm . . . not the exception.

The market moves this week help to emphasize the benefits of diversification and risk management, as we build your portfolio to align with your investment plan and cash flow needs. We do not respond in a knee jerk reaction to a market move of this nature. We take advantage of the volatility to harvest tax losses and rebalance the portfolio as needed. We want you to remain confident that your portfolio will meet the needs of the plan we have developed together.


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