Like a lot of great stories, ours started with a moment of clarity...

Founded on principles that form the bedrock of our firm today, Altium Wealth was born from the strong desire to be of uncommon service to our clients. In order to do that, we had to turn our backs on the old industry model and almost everything we learned about it up to that point.

In 2009, we recognized that in order to operate with our values we needed to take strong action. We stepped off the traditional path and headed out towards wealth management's uncharted territory to develop our own vision, free of the limitation and conflicted agendas of the established financial services industry.

We wanted to develop a client-centric model for service. We wanted to not simply look like we were client-centric, but to actually change the conversations, the focus, the transparency and the financial results for families. Obviously, to pull it off, we needed some distance from our industry, the big players and the entrenched formula for financial success that so many others had taken.

We did the only thing that made sense. We built it from the ground up.

With our founding partners and loyal team members by our side, we stepped off the path and started over, building a model that met with our core values. With strong growth since our inception, as well as a steadily growing base of inspiring clients and strategic professional alliances, Altium is exactly what we hoped it could become...

A company of purpose.


We know you.

You've spent a lot of time pushing the limits, exceeding every expectation. You're not sure why you are the way you are... but along the way you've come to recognize that not everyone is wired like you.

You're always in growth mode. You're always asking, "what would be better?"

At Altium, we don't simply accommodate people like you, we built our entire organization with you in mind. Whether you've built your own business, lead in a corporate setting, or in any other way made "excellence" your pursuit... we're here to serve you and your unique purpose.

Our principles serve as guideposts along the journey of fulfillment towards your purpose.

Altium created conditions both inside and outside of our organization that empowers our clients, the industry, and our community to continuously pursue their purpose.

That's because helping others to achieve their purpose is our purpose.

We strongly believe everyone possesses a unique genius, a quality that drives them. In that ability are the tools to achieve their purpose. We also believe that happiness and fulfillment are not the destination at the end of one's journey, rather, they are achieved in the journey itself.

Envision a bright future
Seek truth
Commit to excellence
Embrace relationships
Lead selflessly

Anytime something enormously important and impactful is accomplished, there is always a well-aligned team working flawlessly in the background.

We'd like to introduce you to ours.